Welcome to those we met at the Cycle Show

I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome you all to our first Newsletter/Blog. This will be running as a blog on the website www.sweet-peaks.co.uk and it would be great if you could go to this and sign up, that will mean less emails and just notifications of when the next blog is on line. Just for reading as far as you have please use code BLOG10 on the website for 10% off all nutritional products, go to the shop link on the website or www.sweet-peaks-shop.co.uk to redeem (carry on reading you may find more)

We are planning to have this blog/newsletter going out with information about our supported athletes (all of whom can  be found on www.sweet-peaks.co.uk/supported-athletes-teams/) and also blogs and advice written by them, and others, about training, feeding, hints and tips going forward. We are sure you will find it interesting and useful as we move forward with the business, however, don’t be shy to let us know if there is anything missing or we can do better.

The Cycle show @ NEC

Welcome to those that join us after the cycle show at the NEC.

This was a great event and we all had fun speaking to everyone who was able to be there and came along to try our products. They all met with great feedback, especially the Rhubarb & Custard Gels and both Chris and I had a great time “celeb spotting” and posing for photos with the great cyclists that were there.

The competition for the £50 Bundle of Sports Nutritional products has been drawn and the winner has been informed. Thank you to all those that took part and sorry to all those that did not win. However, the code NEC15 will get you a 15% discount off all the Sports Nutritional products up until the end of 2017 as a thank you for coming along to the event, please go to www.sweet-peaks-shop.co.uk to redeem or follow the link to the “shop” on www.sweet-peaks.co.uk


Cycling Sheffield Giant Sheffield

With the Season coming to an end it is Hill Climb time with Joe Clarke is aiming to win the National Championships it after a 3rd place finish in 2015 and 5th in 2016. This year’s Championship in in the North East at Hedley Hill on 29th October, anyone in the area please do go a cheer Joe on. He is in good form with a win at the Rake Hill Climb on 8th October. Good luck to Joe and follow the team on twitter @cycling_sheff and @joeclark37


Keep an eye on twitter for all our supported athletes who across the winter will be doing both training and some amazing events, follow and like them for great advice and great places to run and cycle.

@tango5tavy (ultra and multi marathon runner Adam “Tango” Holland)

@Yiannis_83 (GB International Aquathlete 2017 GB age group captain at the World Championships)

@helengoth (Helen Russell, GB Quadrathlon Champ former World & Euro Duathlon & Euro Triathlon age group Champion)

@madhattersports (Cornish based sports events company)

I hope you have enjoyed this blog and hopefully you will keep subscribed to it. I am wanting to keep them short and sweet but also relevant to you all so if there is anything you would like to see added or information you would like to see included please do email info@sweet-peaks.co.uk and I will do my best to get answers quickly and include it in upcoming blogs.

All the best and ride/run safe in the cold and dark!!



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