New Year New Training

With the New Year comes new training for the summer season ahead or just for the “New You” for your New Years resolution list.

Of course I am here to remind you that with all this training you will need great sports nutrition and we are here to make sure it is not only good for you but tastes great too (use code TWITT10 to get 10% off on our shop).

I also wanted to bring to your attention a great article written by long time friend of Sweet Peaks, and someone we have consulted with about the products from the beginning, Dr Paul Gamble. Amongst other things Paul has worked as Strength and Conditioning Coach at London Irish RFC and Scottish Squash as well as coaching elite level athletes with New Zealand Athletics. He is also the founder of which helps keep coaches and athletes informed in the best practices and science behind their craft.

In his article (click here) he looks into why you may be finding training harder or why your outputs may differ from people doing the same workouts that you are doing. He also looks at how you should plan and set goals.

For anyone trying to get fit, stay fit or increase performance this is a great read to really understand what may be happening and why you are or are not gaining from what you are doing.

I hope you have found this, and the article, interesting and useful. Over the coming weeks we will try to preview a few of our supported athletes and events.



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