Cycling Sheffield 2017 in review

With the first race well and truly around the corner for the Cycling Sheffield Cycling Team we support it seems like a good time to have a quick look back a year. 2018 looks set to be a great year for the team and we are, once again, looking forward to supporting this great concept and team.

The team is the brain child of Dave Coulson an ex rider himself who was the manager of the Envelopemaster team before Envelopemaster decided to take a step back. He decided to look towards the European models, using an example of the Euskaltel-Euskadi team of 2000’s, to try and develop a sustainable team which didn’t rely on one big sponsor. The idea being that you gain general support from the South Yorkshire region to have a long-lasting team in the area.

The start line for the 2017 season was aim number 1 and he made that with flying colours. Dave guided the team superbly with riders finishing in the top 5 of every race in the first part of the season and 4 wins in March.  Unfortunately, the sport of cycling has a habit of knocking you back with injuries, illness and crashes and they hit in April with a couple of top 10s lost to crashes and injuries hitting the team.

That didn’t stop the team getting good results and top 20 results kept rolling in leaving the team well placed in the top 10 in the National Series standings.

With the riders returning from injury and illness the results started to pick up again with, amongst others, Joe Clark smashing the course record at the prestigious Steel City Stage Cote de Bradfield Hill Climb.

A trip to Belgium saw the team mix it with their European counterparts and come out with some fantastic results, more top 10s including a 4th place finish.

The Hill Climb season was the culmination of the year for the team and it saw more success, apt for a team based in the City built on 7 Hills! Highlights being a team victory for (Charlie Renshaw, Jake Tanner and Joe Clarke) in the Monsal Hill Climb and a 4th place finish in the National Championship for Joe.

Sweet Peaks is very proud to support such a progressive team and we are looking forward to the team taking massive strides forward (from a great starting point) in the coming season.

More details on the 2017 season and the build up to the 2018 season can be found on the teams website and to keep in touch with how they are getting on they can also be found on twitter at @CYCLING_SHEFF


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