Sweet Peaks and the Mohican Runner join forces to be EPIC

DVGuVyNXcAA4WsW2018 will see Sweet Peaks support a local runner affectionately known as “the Mohican Runner”, the photo pretty much says it all (thanks to This Day I Love for the photo)

With all our supported athletes we look for something special, something epic, about why we first get involved. This can be their reasoning for getting into their chosen sport, the event that they specifically ask us to become involved in initially or because they want to become something/someone epic and we can help. The Mohican Runner ticks so many of these boxes it would have been remiss of us as a company to not be involved with him.

Rich Hayes’ website www.mohicanrunner.uk gives a huge amount more information about him but I have quickly outlined where we are getting involved and why.

He started running when the scales tipped over 20 stones in 2012 and he has not stopped since, in 2017 he won the Northern Masters 1500m and took Silver in the 800m whilst also winning the Yorkshire Vets 5km and the Northern Masters Mutli Terrain 5km. Whilst running and competing in events along the way he has also raised money for the NSPCC collecting £1.3 million along the way!! And lets be fair both those things are EPIC!

2018 sees his challenge step up to “18 in 2018” where he will be running 12 10ks (all must be sub 37 minutes) and 6 Half Marathons (all under 80 minutes). All of this to be in aid of the NSPCC, therefore we will also be supporting his chosen charity by giving 10% of all sales through the code MOHICAN10 directly to Rich to donate to the NSPCC.

This last weekend Rich started his 2018 season with a great result in his first race winning the Northern Masters Cross Country Championship!

Follow Rich throughout 2018 on twitter


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