The Redster comes on board

RedsterCycling is, in Red Walters’ own words, “my world, I wake up thinking about it, I go to sleep dreaming about and not just pottering around, no, full on competing, blood, sweat, tears and stuff.” What a great attitude to have to your chosen sport!

He proved that that will, drive and determination can equal results by finishing in the top 10 in all but 1 of the 21 criteriums he raced in 2017.

This year will be his first year in the U23 age group (he is a young gun at just 19!) but he has seen this as another challenge to hit head on and up until “The Beast from the East hit last week” his winter training has been going well!

He has a great YouTube channel ( and can be followed on Twitter here. We are all really looking forward to seeing his progress throughout the year with what is quite a large step in in age group racing!

Good look to the Redster!


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