The Outdoor City Weekender!

Last weekend saw Sheffield host a number of great events that, put together, form the Outdoor City Weekend where we show off the great outdoor virtues of Sheffield. More information on what was going on can be found at but some great highlights include a dual mountain bike challenge through city centre streets and down staircases, the RAB International Climbing Festival, the Sheffield Adventure Film Festival and also the Magnificent 7 bike ride up the 7 hills of Sheffield (more on that in a minute). It’s a great weekend within the city and there were some great results for our supported athletes.

The weekend also saw some of our great city athletes and our ultra marathon specialist in the mud and rain of the Inter-Counties Cross Country Championships in Loughborough. While many of our other athletes are in full training mode for the up coming season, and staying (wisely) out of the mud.

Magnificent 7

The Magnificent 7 race is a brilliantly designed hill race of sorts. With 7 hills to climb each hill earning points with the winner being the one with the most points. The riders getting a “rest” with a leisurely ride between the hills. Its hard work but does lead to some great facial expression on photos some of which can be found here.

Great results for our supported teams too. Cycling Sheffield took 2 of the 3 podium spots with a 1st (Kieran Savage) and 3rd (Joe Clark) finish in their home town which is brilliant and also a great 14th placed finished for Geared up Cycles RT Curtis Maltby. Well done to you all!

Other Cyclingevesham rr 10-03-18

Cycling Sheffield also had the Evesham RR to contend with on Saturday before the trials of the Magnificent 7 and it was the beginning of a successful weekend with a strong 12th placed finish for Harry Yates.

Geared Up Cycles Rider James Quixall took the win at the Barnsley Road Club Event in Wakefield.

Inter Counties Cross Country

While the cyclists were punishing themselves on the steep hills of Sheffield our runners decided to take on the mud of the Loughborough Cross Country track at the Inter Counties Champs, if you don’t believe me about the mud have a look at the photos below.

In the Senior Mens Adam Holland was representing Devon for the first time in a number of years having only recently moved back. Unfortunately the mud caused Adam some major problems with grip and his race did not go to plan. He is still positive after his win at the Cyprus Marathon and has also been awarded a place at the Paris Marathon in a couple of weeks time, so back to a surface where he will feel a little happier.

We also had 5 athletes from Team Russell taking part for Yorkshire and what a great weekend they had!! 4 of the 5 athletes finished in their respective top 100 and 3 in the top 50 of their age groups. The results are even more impressive when a number of the athletes are using the Cross Country season as a warm up for the track season and preparation after injuries.

Special congratulations also to Cyane Robinson who finished in 14th in the Ladies U17 race and was part of the Gold Medal winning Yorkshire team in that race too! well done!

Our athletes are all training hard too in preparation for the upcoming seasons so please do follow their progress and recommendations on their websites and twitter feeds all of which can be found on their supported athlete pages all of which are linked from here.


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