2018 Cycling Sheffield Team Launch

This morning I had the great pleasure of attending, with the other amazing sponsors, the 2018 team launch of Cycling Sheffield (to help support the team use code CSGS15 on http://www.sweet-peaks-shop.co.uk to get 15% off all energy products).

The team, set up by ex pro rider Dave Coulson, is a great initiative based on the strength of the City of Sheffield supporting its own and trying to build a team that does not rely on 1 big sponsor from season to season but built to last with a region behind it. We love it!

We have been supporting them with their nutritional products for the past 3 years and they have also helped to develop the drinks, gels and tweak the ideas around the 6 to a bag sweets. With their help the product now helps them (we hope) to some fantastic podiums and results, including a win and third place in the Magnificent 7 race 2 weeks ago.

It was a pleasure to meet the riders and the other sponsors at the event at the EIS in Sheffield and to see how the team is going to grow during the year and going forward.

It was also great to spot a few of our Paralympians, Olympians and top level Sportsmen and women that were training at this great venue (including Toni Minichiello).

Thanks to Dave Coulson for organising the event and inviting us all along.

There is more information about Cycling Sheffield on their supported athlete webpage here and also on their own website here (which was fantastically well put together by another sponsor Blue Strawberry Elephant)



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