Cycling updates

I thought I would take this opportunity to update everyone on the last few weeks in the cycling calendar for Sweet Peaks, after last week updating on the great medals won in more running & swimming based events.

Sheffield Grand Prix 

The Sheffield Grand Prix, part of the national circuit season, once again took place on a barmy Wednesday evening in Sheffield City Centre on 18th July. Sweet Peaks corner was resplendent as the riders hurtled past at high speed, luckily once more with no one ploughing straight into the barriers.

sweet peaks corner

Congratulations to all the winners but especially to local boy Joey Walker from Team Wiggins on winning the main race and also Andrew Douglas of Velo Viewer who finished 4th in the support race but winning the Sweet Peaks 4th Cat prize for the highest 4th Cat finisher.

Cycling Sheffield Team

Its been a busy month for the Cycling Sheffield team with the circuit races happening in quick succession but they have had some great results.

This last week saw a great 4th and 10th place finish in the Holmfirth Road Race. Earlier in July there had also been great results in the North Wales RR with a 5th and 8th position finish for Joe and Kieran (respectively) whilst also getting through many of the circuit races unscathed which is no mean feet in itself.

A huge result at the local and prestigious Bradfield Hill Climb too with a win for Joe for the second year in a row and a great 4th place finish for Kieran too despite forgetting his shoes and having to have a pair lent to him by another sponsor!

Geared Up Cycles Road Team

Geared up Cycles have also had a good couple of weeks with Adam Quixall finishing 6th in the WNT Support race at the Sheffield Grand Prix followed in by James Quixall in 12th and James Ward in 14th. Adam also finished a brilliant 4th in the Holmfirth Road Race in the Support Race.



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