Sweet Peaks™ has a portfolio of sports nutritional products which have been formulated with the help of sports scientists and tested by professional and top amateur sportspeople. They provide simply what the body needs in a format that is easy to eat, drink and digest when you need it. They also taste fantastic!

Why endure when you can enjoy!

All 3 bags 965x1000

Energy Sweets 24g (6 sweets)

3 Great Flavours: Mixed Berry, Orange, Citrus

Energy Sweets that taste great and give you the peak of fast acting energy just when you need it. Easy to chew, swallow and digest when you are tired and in need of an energy boost. 

Each packet contains 23g of carbohydrates which is perfect for 20-30 minutes of exercise. Their simple formula means you get an energy boost, as much as with a gel, without any of the issues associated with similar products such as stomach cramps. Simple energy boosts.

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group white backgroundElite Energy Gels 70g

3 Great tasting flavours: Rhubarb & Custard, Lemon & Lime, Red Berry & Caffeine

The Elite Energy Gels give you one of the highest energy boosts per serving of all the gels on the market with 117Kcal per sachet. We have also set a very competitive price to give you “the best bang for your buck”. There is also the Caffeine Gel with 75mg of Caffeine per sachet at the same cost!

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Energy Drink white background 965x1000Citrus Crush Powdered Energy Drink

Great tasting powdered energy drink full of flavour, energy, electrolytes, vitamins and minerals perfect for taking with you on a ride, run or to drink during your sport.

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recover drinks white backgroundPowdered Recovery Drink

2 great flavours: Chocolate & Strawberry

The Sweet Peaks™ recovery drink has added protein and important amino acids to help your body recover from the toil of exercise.

The drink is balanced with carbohydrates which aid uptake of amino acids and facilitate the recovery process. The final key constituent is electrolytes to support re-hydration.

They also taste fantastic!!

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bag 2Energy Sweets “Epic Fruits” 40g bag

Individually wrapped sweets in one bag. Mixture of Epic Fruit flavours: Mixed Berry, Lemon & Lime, Orange.

A great single hit of tasty Energy that is easy to absorb when you need  just a quick top up.

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