Elite Energy Gels

3 Flavours: Lemon & Lime, Rhubarb & Custard and Red Berry & Caffeinegroup white background

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Product: Sweet Peaks™ Elite Energy Gels mix together the need for a fast acting energy boost on the move and a need for something that tastes great.

The Elite Energy Gels give you one of the highest energy boosts per serving of all the gels on the market with 117Kcal per sachet. We have also set a very competitive price to give you “the best bang for your buck”. There is also the Caffeine Gel with 75mg of Caffeine per sachet at the same cost!

As with all our products Sweet Peaks™ Elite Energy Gels marry great efficiency and great performance with fantastic flavours. We always use taste as a key indicator of whether the product is ready and these really do taste great! We have carefully chosen the flavours to give a good variety of tastes to a product that is so often seen as a chore eaten out of necessity rather than for pleasure. 

As with everything made by Sweet Peaks™: Why endure when you can enjoy?!? and this is no less true with the gels. 

All the gels have been extensively tested, and tasted, by our supported athletes and the Cycling Sheffield-Giant Sheffield team. Only those that were of “Top Taste” and gave the best boost to training and racing are available to buy. The Rhubarb & Custard being a firm favourite among the Cycling Team. 

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