The Science

Sweet Peaks™ products are based on sound science yet designed to be user friendly. Our aim is to avoid jargon and keep things as straightforward and easy to understand as possible. Developed with the help of Sports Scientists and athletes, we have created products that are both beneficial and easy to consume while exercising. They taste great too!

Energy boost:
It is widely known that carbohydrates are essential to fuel your body and mind particularly during exercise. Our unique blend of carbohydrates is designed to give you a high level of simple carbohydrates to maintain your energy levels. We use simple carbohydrates (Disaccharides) which are absorbed quickly to give your mind and muscles the energy they need when they need it. Fuel the machine! After all you can plan your exercise as much as you want, but when you run out of energy you run out of energy.


“Carbohydrates are critical fuel for any sustained activity or repeated bout activity. They are not stored in large quantities and so deplete quickly. Therefore Carbohydrate intake during activity and/or after exercise is key to restoring this finite resource. Simple Carbohydrates like those found in Sweet Peaks (mostly Disaccharides) are most easily absorbed and taken up by cells that need them. Making Sweet Peaks™ a great source of Energy”
Dr Paul Gamble PhD CSci CSC
BASES High Performance Sport Accredited strength and Conditioning Specialist
Founder of “Informed in Sport” and Strength and Conditioning Author

Electrolytes are the other critical ingredient in our energy drink.

Electrolytes are essential to life! Electrolytes are central to nerve and muscle function. Electrolytes are also key to regulating hydration levels: water alone will not allow you to re-hydrate fully without restoring electrolyte levels. Electrolytes are lost whilst exercising, so they do need to be replaced to help you perform at your optimum level and continue to exercise safely, especially in extreme conditions

Significant loss of electrolytes following intense and prolonged exercise in the heat (a condition termed hyponatremia) can be dangerous.

The Sweet Peaks™ energy drink provides the dual benefits of an energy boosting carbohydrate refuel and replacing the major electrolytes (Sodium, Potassium and Calcium) lost while exercising. This 1-2 punch will help keep you performing to your maximum level for longer.

Energy recommendation:
Individual needs vary, but arming yourself with a 500ml bottle of Energy Drink and 1-2 packets (6 in a pack) should give you the energy and electrolytes needed for an hour of medium to intense exercise.


The Sweet Peaks™ recovery drink is made with the same attention to detail as the other products in the range. We have added protein and important amino acids to our unique blend of simple carbohydrates to help your body recover from the toil of exercise.

As your body regenerates in the hours following exercise it needs protein and the constituent amino acids – the building blocks for your muscles and other tissues. Importantly Sweet Peaks™ recovery drink contains the essential branched chain amino acids (e.g. leucine) that your body cannot produce.

The drink is balanced with carbohydrates which aid uptake of amino acids and facilitate the recovery process. The final key constituent is electrolytes to support re-hydration.

Our recommended fuelling:
Taking on protein and amino acids promptly after exercise is key: the first 15-30 minutes after exercise is the critical window to ensure optimal regeneration, training adaptation and repair.

Within 15 minutes of completing your event or training we would recommend 1x500ml drink of our recovery drink.